The Usticks: 10 mo.

Monday, April 20, 2009

10 mo.

Avery's 10 months old!

And to refresh.. here she is at 9 months:

I love wisteria. It's everywhere in Chesapeake! It's hard to get a picture of it because taking a photo while driving is not something I wanna try! I've even seen some white wisteria down Cedar Rd. Here's the one shot I have stopped to take right at Great Bridge Blvd. and Dominion.


Anonymous said...

Avery is really changing quickly. Growing, and I see a difference in her balance and intention. Her eyes are really concentrating. So
adorable. Wow, 10 months!
What a great wisteria picture! That is huge. Wonderful that you have so much to admire over there. I imagine the storms today will take their toll. Your Mom probably told you that your Dad took us on a nice wisteria tour on Sunday. Your Mom is so good to spot new areas of it to explore. She even found white yesterday! The blooms are prolific this year. I am surprised after the very dry, hot summer, and dry but very cold winter.
Love to All, Aunt Pam

Adrienne said...

Happy 10 month birthday Avery! She's a cutie and looks like she keeps you busy, haha! I hope we can get her and Joelle together again soon.
P.S. I love wisteria too, but we don't see it much around here, I'm jealous!