The Usticks: Pictures for a certain person!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pictures for a certain person!

One of my faithful blog readers loves flowers... so I'm posting this just for her! These flowers were given to mom at school from a teacher and I got to take them home since mom was about to leave for Minot, ND.

I love you, Aunt Pam!


Brent said...

i love Tom Brady...does this mean i'll be getting a Tom Brady blog post sometime soon? :)

Jen and Justin said...

Ooooh, purple tulips! Very pretty :)

Anonymous said...

The purple tulips are gorgeous, and your photos are stupendous! We don't have tulips, so these are perfect. Thank you.

I got on to write about the great comparative photos of Avery that you posted earlier today, and I was so thrilled to find purple tulips just for me! The photos of Avery are so very similar. Those huge blue eyes, the big eyebrows, the lovely rosebud lips, and cute nose. She is so pretty. I just love all the photos of her activities. She is really progressing quickly.

Love and Hugs to All,
Aunt Pam