The Usticks: One week

Friday, April 10, 2009

One week

It's been one week since I've posted... whew, time flies.

I must give credit to my Dad for these photos! My parents came over for a visit last Saturday. We went to lunch at Gotti's Grinders and hung out at our house for the afternoon. I love this polka dotted dress mom got for Avery.

The weather was so nice last weekend. We went over to City View Park with Travis, Kennan, and Addy to enjoy some fresh air.

One weekend we were over at the Otte's and Avery fell in love with Addy's large bouncy ball. I found one for Avery at Target yesterday, and let me tell you... she can't get enough of it!

Now that Avery is crawling, she often does this:

I just love it! Her little hands pawing at my legs is so cute. She's actually standing up in this picture.

We've been keeping quite busy lately. Brent & I tried to take Avery to the oceanfront last weekend for a stroller ride, but by the time we got down there, it was super windy and the temperature had dropped 10 degrees. It was much too cold for a walk. We ended up walking around Lynnhaven Mall instead. On the way home we stopped by church to watch the final volleyball game. It was too bad Brent's team didn't make it! I think they did great despite a few of the players either being gone or hurt during the last few weeks. OH, and Brent got "most improved player" for his team. Yay! I suppose all of Brent's practice playing with Avery and the volleyball in the evenings paid off!

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