The Usticks: baking with bananas

Thursday, May 07, 2009

baking with bananas

I made some very yummy banana bread this morning. Found the recipe on

Avery is now climbing the stairs. FAST. She got the hang of it right away. I thought I'd innocently place her on the steps last weekend to see if she'd try and move... and today she went up to them again and was climbing up really fast. She must have been practicing in her sleep. It's amazing to me how babies learn to do things! Here she is conquering the staircase. She's super proud of herself, as you can see.

Another fun activity of Avery's: undoing things Brent & I have put away!


Brent said...

looks like my shoes are still neatly on the shelf...looks to me like Liz didn't put her shoes away and is framing sweet little Avery

The Brooks Family said...

haha! I love by the way!