The Usticks: weekend in williamsburg

Monday, May 18, 2009

weekend in williamsburg

We spent the weekend in Williamsburg at my parent's house. They will be gone when Avery actually turns one next month, so we decided to celebrate it a bit early! Plus, it was a great excuse to eat cake :-)

I had a blast decorating Avery's birthday cake.

Birthday dress:

The presents!

Uh oh... somebody LOVES clothes!

I was quite surprised Avery sat still and opened all the gifts! I figured we'd be opening them for her while she was crawling off somewhere. It was so fun! She loved playing with the tissue paper, taking the clothes out of the bags, and then playing with them and putting them on top of her head and smiling.

And we topped the weekend off with some laundry! Avery helped get the clothes out for me to fold ... she loved mushing her face up to the see-through door.


The Brooks Family said...

That is the CUTEST cake! I love her birthday dress too. What a fun weekend!!!

Adrienne said...

I LOVE how Avery put everything on her head! So cute :P