The Usticks: Videos

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We finally caught a little snippet of Avery helping me fold the laundry. She was sidetracked and went for the camera after a short time, but it gives you the idea! She will pull out each piece of clothing until the load is finished. She usually pauses after taking a piece out to watch me fold it before going in for another. She's such a big help... I do have to make sure to put the folded piles of clothing up high when she's done emptying the dryer before she can come get them and un-do all the folding!

Here she is crawling from one end of our upstairs to the other.

Avery also loves to open her dresser drawers and take out all the clothes. Some days I feel like all I'm doing is putting clothes back where they belong!


Brent said...

it's great how most videos of her end with her crawling towards the camera to investigate what that strange silver box aimed at her is! :)

Jen and Justin said...

Too cute!

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like she is hunting for treasure in those drawers! :-) ~Bonnie.