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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A few deals...

I don't usually post about the deals I find while shopping. I can't help it today! I love Target and I especially love finding good deals there. I picked out a few especially great bargains from a long list of many found here. I printed, cut, and organized all the necessary coupons from online and headed out. This is what I ended up with:

Total spent: $3.14
Total saved: $10.66!

I think I did pretty well... these are things we RARELY buy. I'm excited to have a few different crackers around the house other than the cheez-its we always have around from Sam's. :-)

My Dollar Store coupon folder is looking pretty sad these days. Avery has managed to tear a few of the sections so I have to be super careful it doesn't all spill out. I REALLY need a new way to store/organize my coupon stash... any ideas??

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Anonymous said...

Man, you are a super shopper!