The Usticks: 9 months of Riley

Thursday, March 17, 2011

9 months of Riley

Happy 9 months to my littlest girl. Here's the latest scoop:
  • you're becoming much more mobile.. you move around the floor by sitting up and leaning over to reach things and rotating and twisting and everything but crawling.. you can get over to your tummy, but you do this plank/push-up move and end up pushing yourself backwards.. not forwards
  • you like to bop to any music you hear (it first started with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "hotdog song")
  • you FINALLY are getting some teeth! the top two front teeth are coming in
  • daylight savings wasn't too bad on you! just a few nights of rocking you back to sleep after you woke up after an hour of sleeping.. and a few mornings you slept 'til 8 (and only getting up from 4am or 5am to eat once). you're back to 645/7am wakeups. and only eating once at night! I'll take it because you still go to bed by 7/715pm
  • everyone comments on your shyness... you always smile and turn your head away when people smile at you
  • you have recently cut back on how much you eat... those pesky teeth are bothering you, i'm sure! table food is your fav.. i think you're finding pureed baby food boring =) OH and you SHOVEL in the shredded cheese like it's candy
  • you are able to drink from a sippy cup now! you beat your sis by 3 months on that "milestone"
  • you love being outside
  • you still ride in your infant seat in the car (it's got a lovely 30lb weight limit).. although it's pretty near impossible for me to carry you IN it anywhere.
  • you're down to two naps a day... most days they're 30 minutes each.. a few times a week you'll do a 45 min or hour long nap. A Sunday or two ago you hit a new record.. 1.5 hrs! THAT was crazy.
  • you love mommy.
  • you love mommy to hold you
  • you love mommy to be within arms reach
  • your 9 month stats: 21 pounds 13 ounces. and 26.75" long (i doubt that's 100% accurate.. you were crooked on the table and crying, so we'll say 27")

9 months old

her expression is so funny

happy girl!


abbey said...

so cute! she weighs more than Kaden! =) he's only 25% of his age though..

abbey said...

25 percentile for his age...if that makes more sense lol :)