The Usticks: a hard, but good day

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a hard, but good day

 The day started out early with Riley waking up completely inconsolable. As a side note, last week she started getting her two top teeth in and had been handling it quite well. Well Tuesday morning she had woken at 3am and she felt warm. And again at 6am when she woke again. I just figured it was warm in her room or something. The thought of dragging both kids to the doctor for a "false alarm" just is not fun, nor easy. I figured I would try to rock Riley back to sleep since maybe she was crying because she was still tired. Well she fell asleep in my arms and just moaned while doing so! It was so pitiful. She slept about 30 minutes until I figured I needed to rescue Avery from her crib who had been happily awake hanging out in her crib for a good while. Riley was none to pleased about being moved. By 8:30am I was still unsuccessful at keeping Riley consoled. Every time I sat her down so I could do something she would just lose it! Tears were streaming down at a rapid pace. Avery was doing her two-year-old antics in full force that morning, so I quickly decided we needed to get out of the house and head for a park. The outside air might snap Riley out of whatever was bothering her. Avery had a blast! She LOVES slides. Climbing up and sliding down. Riley, on the other hand, wasn't as thrilled about the park. She did have some good moments and did cheer up some.

I finally decided to call the doc (when Brent offered to come home to be with Avery!) .. I felt like I could manage that. After all, I figured it was probably teething, but she had been good with it the past week, and being inconsolable just ISN'T like her.

Long story short, I took Riley to the doctor and did not feel dumb for doing so! The nurse even said "that's why we're here!" When I said I just brought her in to rule out sickness. Everything checked out just fine. Her ears were good. She was just a little stuffy. Seems like she has a little cold. The doctor took one look inside her mouth and said "wow, she has a gazillion teeth coming in, huh?" After waiting over an hour for Riley to go to the bathroom (to rule out an infection) we were free to go. Riley is just having a rough go at it with all her teeth coming in. She's got 3 coming in.. with at least 4-5 more that I see will be coming in the near future.

It was a good day in the end because as we were waiting in the room, Riley was so exhausted she just collapsed in my lap and took a little nap. It was the sweetest thing. I could've stayed like that ALL day. Thank you Lord that Riley is healthy!

my snuggle bug


Ash said...

aw :) sweet post...

The Brooks Family said...

Whew! What a day! I'm soooo glad the doctor and nurses were so nice, yay!

Anonymous said...

Love pix! Precious! Poor Riley!