The Usticks: thoughts from Avery

Friday, March 11, 2011

thoughts from Avery

riding along in the car we passed a park

Avery: Can we go to that park, mommy? Do they have a potty there? (I had told her a few days earlier that the park we were going to would not have a potty. So we needed to go at home before we left).
Me: Not today, grandma and grandpa are coming to visit! We gotta go home to see them.
Avery: We have a potty at home.
Avery: God made my potty!!
Me: Yep! He sure did..
Avery: Mmm Hmm.. and God made me too!
Me: And He made Riley and Mommy and Daddy too!
Avery: and Wally and Henry... and AUNTIE!
I love how her little brain works. It's so fun.


Adrienne said...

The car conversations are definitely the funniest :) Joelle and I have had some good ones lately, too. Wish I had a tape recorder running.

The Brooks Family said...

YAY!!! :)