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Friday, March 04, 2011

riley's a tough cookie

I'm trying very hard to keep up my blogging resolution for 2011. Riley is down for her vintage 30 minute catnap and I'm choosing to write a post instead of cleaning, straightening, folding clothes, or putting my feet up for a few. I know a few months from now, I'll be glad I did! I had a few things I wanted to write about.

Avery somewhere picked up the word "however." She will now say things like, "HOWEVER am I going to do [so and so]??" It's usually said with an exasperated voice =) I don't think Brent or I say things like that. I love it when Avery picks up a new word from somewhere and ends up using it correctly. I always chuckle. Like a few months ago when she caught on to the word "situated." She had heard Brent saying it whenever he'd help her on the potty. He'd say he was situating her undies so she could get them back on the right way. Then one day she was fixing her twisted socks and I heard her say she was "trying to situate her socks."

In some sad news, Riley has a scratch on her nose! Poor thing. She and I were outside sitting on the porch today and she fell over! Her face broke her fall. She has a tendency to reach for things that are too far our of her reach, thus toppling over and landing on her tummy. She was trying to reach for a leaf to chew on and toppled over and scratched her nose on the way down. She only cried for a minute. She's a tough cookie!


Hi miss bee!

Fixing the bouncy seat
A few random things said by Avery that I don't want to forget ..
Avery was excited to drink from my camelbak water bottle in the car today. All of a sudden she cries out, "God made your water bottle, mommy!"
Me: "oh yeah? that's pretty neat"
Avery: "Mmmm Hmmm!"
Driving down Millville we passed a little church on the right.
Me: "That's a church right there"
Then we passed a new house right after the church.
Avery: "And that's a house church"
"We're not going to church today... we'll go on Saturday" (first time I heard her say a day of the week in regards to a certain activity... and she almost got the day right =)


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Sarah said...

Liz, your girls are just too cute! And Avery is hilarious. :)