The Usticks: another month has passed us by - 7 month update

Thursday, January 20, 2011

another month has passed us by - 7 month update

Riley is 7 months old as of January 15th. We were away visiting friends from college over the weekend, so I'm just now getting around to her update post. Here's what Riley's been up to the past month:
  • you're starting to make "b" and "g" sounds
  • you came VERY close to rolling over last night! -- still waiting on that one.. 
  • you still LOVE your sis.. you LOVE laughing with her.. you LOVE taking tubbies together at night.. you LOVE watching her play.. and you LOVE getting attention from her
  • you're eating two meals a day.. and loving it more and more
  • still no teeth!
  • you average 1-2 hours of nap time TOTAL a day (spread over 2-4 naps)
  • you're in your crib for 11ish hours a night.. waking up A LOT. I try to only feed you once, though! Hey.. maybe if you'd roll over, you'd enjoy sleeping on your tummy?? =)
  • bedtime is still 7pm.. mommy loves that since you (and her) are usually so exhausted by evening!
  • you still take naps in the car (yay!).. your sis last napped in the car at 7 months
  • you're in size 4 diapers and 6-12 mo clothes
  • you still love rubbing your feet together when agitated - i'm surprised you haven't rubbed holes in your footy pjs
  • favorite toys .. things that aren't toys =)

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