The Usticks: food and car seats

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

food and car seats

 It's been so fun to feed Riley lately. I like having a baby who seems to enjoy the process of eating baby food! So far she's liked every fruit and vegetable I've given to her. She wasn't into the mixed vegetables at first, but I added in a little applesauce to get her used to the taste, and by the end she was gobbling the veggies up sans applesauce.
This girl has the best smiles. She can be in a super fussy mood, yet will still crack a huge smile. Here she was super happy. Perhaps it was the fact she took a nap that was an hour and a half this morning!! Go Riley! That's triple the length of her normal naps! Granted she's been awake a much longer time since the nap too.. but I'll take it! She was so much happier today because of that nap. The past two nights she's only woken up once.. around 3am to eat.. and then gone back to sleep until 630 or so. C.R.A.Z.Y. I hope I didn't just jinx that.

Avery finally ended her napping hiatus today. She hadn't fallen asleep for a nap since Saturday! I actually missed listening in on her today on the monitor to hear what she was talking about and what songs she was singing. Ok, I digress... SOLIDS.. Doesn't Riley look so grown up in this picture at her booster seat? Brent nearly has a heart attack every time he thinks about the girlies growing up. So, if you're reading this, don't listen to what I just said about Riley =)

I put a few of those Gerber puffs on Riley's tray yesterday. She grabbed them and pulled them to her mouth, but they didn't go inside. She just tucked them away in her hands and let them get all sticky. It's fun to watch them explore new things.

I'm nearing the point of wanting to switch Riley out of her infant car seat to the cow print upright one we have. She is SO HEAVY in that infant seat! I can barely lift her up into the car without throwing my back out. The only plus side to keeping her in it is that it's a convenient place for her to be when we go out places. I set her in the front portion of a shopping cart yesterday and she cried. Not snuggly enough I suppose! We switched Avery out of her infant seat at Christmas. Have I said how I love being able to compare what I did and when with the girls by the calendar dates? Since they were born 2 days shy of 2 years apart it's SO easy to think back and not have to do the math in my head as to what age avery was and then calculate that for riley. Did that make sense? It did to me. Maybe only me! Riley's feet are past the edge of the car seat, so that might be reason enough. OH and the MAIN MAIN MAIN reason I've kept her in it is that she is still able to fall asleep in it!!! I would be up a creek without a paddle if she didn't do that. Avery stopped napping very shortly after we switched her out of her infant seat, so I think I'm paranoid that if we switch Riley she will stop napping in the car, too. Wow. This was a super rambly post. At least there were a few cute pictures to look at.


Jen and Justin said...

I love rambling posts! I think I'm about to put up my own rambling post :) Riley is getting big! It's so fun watching each new stage and watching them discovering new things!

The Brooks Family said...

YAY! I liked the rambling post :-) I love the pic of her holding the toy ring up high, hehe. Wally does that too, and it cracks me up for some reason. Great smiles, Miss Riley! Keep up that sleeping thing so we can keep seeing those HUGE grins :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog post rambles and the pix!