The Usticks: new years resolution?

Monday, January 10, 2011

new years resolution?

So I was thinking about New Years Resolutions.. I have NEVER been one to make a NYR, let alone make one and actually KEEP it. I know it's already January 10th, but I began to think about my poor blog and how it's the only place I ever record things that happen around here! So I thought it would be great to make a resolution to update this WAY more frequently. Time is going so fast.. Riley is almost 7 months old and I can hardly remember anything specific about what happened in the past for EITHER girl! Avery's babyhood is a complete and total blur in my mind. I remember things one way.. and it's 99% of the time wrong. Ha ha! SOoooo if I write things down on my blog, it will never be forgotten! I like that. So here's to my first new year's resolution ever..

Riley's been enjoying her food lately. She's tried mangos, bananas, apples, pears, peas, and sweet potatoes. I'd have to say bananas have been her favorite so far. I love the Plum Baby Organic foods. They come in cool pouches with a twist top. Easy to use a little or a lot and store the rest in the fridge for later. I always end up wasting so much of the foods when they come in the plastic containers.. I don't know why, but I either forget about them or somehow contaminate them with the spoon and then they get forgotten in the fridge because Riley is no where near eating enough to finish one in a single sitting.

I think Riley is starting to get mad when we sit down at the table to eat. She starts fussing and wants to be held up at the table during dinner. I try to feed her while we eat, too. She's seems to enjoy that. Oh, and she loves it when I feed her a little food when Avery is having breakfast in her highchair. I scoot them right next to each other and Avery will chat to Riley and Riley just smiles at her in between bites. I think they really like each other =) I always wondered when Riley was an infant if Avery would ever ask when Riley was going back home. I can't imagine how weird it must be for a little kid to all of a sudden have a new person in their house soaking up SO much mommy and daddy attention! Or maybe it's no biggie at all to kids.. Either way, Avery still hasn't asked when Riley is going home, so I think Riley's here to stay =)

A few new things to note: last Friday Riley took TWO one-hour naps in her crib! And another one Saturday morning, too. Since then, 30 min naps at best! At least it's nice to know she CAN do it. Whether she will or not is another question. Nights are getting a little better too. She'll frequently sleep from 7 until 3/330. Eat and then sleep for another few hours. At this point with Avery we were putting her to bed around 830 i think. I can deal with 7pm as a bedtime! Riley really doesn't give us a choice. She is SO ready for her bath by 630 each night.. and with the little nappage she has during the day she is longing to go to bed for the night by then. Ever since she was a wee little baby, come evening time, she would settle into a deep sleep.. as in she would sleep past her typical 30 minutes.. I used to wake her if it was time to eat, and she'd never settle back into that deep, night sleep. I quickly learned to just LET her sleep if she got into her "night sleep" and that's where her early bedtimes started. As she napped less and less, bedtime became earlier and earlier!

Ok, so I'll just say that this might be dreadfully boring to most of you reading this (if anyone is =) But these are the things I try and remember down the road and just simply cannot.. so I like writing it all down! I regretfully never did that with Avery. So I usually ask Brent if he remembers what we did! Because we all know what "mom brain" is... and I have it.. bad.

Avery's so excited about my resolution she's jumping up and down!

Hip hip.. hooray!


Sarah said...

I'm reading! And I love to hear about these cutie pies!

Love to you all!

Adrienne said...

I'm reading! I love hearing what you guys are up to :) and i hear ya on the mom brain...whoa

The Brooks Family said...

Me too!! :-)