The Usticks: one happy customer

Thursday, January 27, 2011

one happy customer

What are purple carrots? I don't know. Riley sure likes them.. mixed with blueberries and pears! Looks like the color of beets.. I NEVER would've fed this to Avery.. with her spitting up, it would've be awful to clean it up!

I've posted about how much I like the Plum Baby Organic food. I wish they made more varieties.. especially vegetable ones. If I see these on sale, I try and snag a few! I first heard about them from my sister and saw them on Amazon before seeing them in the store.


mary love said...

Amelia loves these! She goes crazy for them, seriously. I saw the Plum Organics on sale at Babies-R-Us yesterday for 10/$10. Amelia's also a big fan of the Ella's Kitchen ones, which seem to have some more vegetable-y flavors. Love the pics of Riley and Avery :)

abbey said...

the Happy Baby ones are good too (same type of packaging, also organic)! they have a few good vegetable varieties. I bought a few at Target.