The Usticks: i see you

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i see you

I think this photo is so funny. Riley was confused by the sunglasses and was trying to grab some mysterious object in the air. She looks good in them, no? Hehe.

Well Riley did not give me the gift of sleep for my birthday. I was hoping she'd decide to sleep through the night for the first time last night.. uhhh, right! Just kidding. I did NOT think that! If she HAD done that, I would've been super grateful. For now, I'll keep waiting and hoping.

I told Avery that it was my birthday today. It only took about 5 times of telling her it was MY birthday and not HERS for her to get it. And then she proceeded to tell me to sing Happy Birthday to myself =) Crazy girl.

Tonight we're all going out to Qdoba for a little birthday dinner. I'm so excited. I LOVE that place. I think it's Avery's most favorite place to go eat, too. She actually eats.. and sits in her chair for the whole meal.


Jen and Justin said...

Welcome back to the blog world and Happy Birthday!

The Brooks Family said...

I love this picture!! Too funny :-) I can just hear AB telling you to sing Happy Birthday to yourself! Haha.